My development as a musician started in September of 1989, when I was 6 years old. At that point in time I became a student at the famous P.S. Stolyarsky Special Boarding Music School for Gifted Children located in Odessa, Ukraine. This school is renowned for its remarkable training principles aimed at revealing children’s extraordinary abilities and developing them. This was a place where I grown myself as a future professional musician. Finally, after eleven years of hard work, dedication and long practice hours I successfully graduated from P.S. Stolyarsky music school with the honor music diploma for excellence.

 In summer of 2000, I became a second year student at A. B. Negdanova Odessa State Music Academy. After remarkably successful enrollment examinations, the Examination Board decided to enroll me into a second academic year at a Piano Performance and Theory department where I also was granted with Government Scholarship for Academic Excellence. During these years I was invited to work as a teaching assistant where I had an opportunity to improve my pedagogical practices with young music school students, which made a very valuable contribution in establishing my future goals. 

In 2003, after graduating from the Music Academy with Honor Bachelor of Music Degree with Excellence, I came to Canada to get my Master's Degree in Piano Performance at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, where I was granted a Western Graduate Research Scholarship. Right after my graduation in April, 2008, I continued working with one of the University’s choirs, where I worked as an accompanist and vocal coach for two years. During that time I was also having an opportunity to study with such remarkable pianists as James Anagnoson, Leslie Kinton, John Perry, Andre Laplante. In early summer of 2008 I moved to New York. Since that time I was constantly trying to make an appearance on stage by myself or with my fellow colleagues. Such as in May I gave a couple of recitals in Odessa, Ukraine, as a soloist and as a chamber ensemble member where as part of the string quartet we performed not only music of classical period, but also music of contemporary composers. During that time, I was working as one of the co-producers of International Festival of New Music, which was held in Odessa where composers from all over the world were introducing their works. In July of 2008, I was honored to become one of the participants of the International Keyboard Festival, which was held in Mannes School of Music (New York), where I had an opportunity to meet and study with such famous musicians as Alberto Nose, Michael Oelbaum, Jose Ramos Santana, Eduard Zilberkant.

  From October 2008 I was not only working on my new solo repertoire, but I was also working as a columnist for one of the New York METPO magazines as a journalist for both music and fashion columns.

My passion for music and my life story always have always set music teaching as my top life priority. And in summer of 2011 I decided to get an additional academic degree to improve myself as a pedagogue. Two years later I successfully getting my second Master’s degree in both Regular and Special Education.

Since May 2013, I am residing in San Diego, CA where I am working in my private music studio. 

Sincerely Yours,

Alla Kesser

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