My Philosophy of Education

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell, where his influence stops.”

Henry Adams

Human beings are complex and phenomenal. Regardless of their diversified background, expressions and emotions, all individuals always tend to find public approval to their acts and thoughts. Every individual can be described by his/her essences of personality, having individual differences and needs. And we, as a society of teachers and mentors, are obligated to help our students from the very beginning of their life to integrate themselves into society as whole individuals, by exploring and broadening their boundaries of potential, building their intelligence and confidence. Regardless of the origin and heritage, no matter who we are or which way we are, - we are all human beings.

How deeply our society understands the meaning of the word “teacher”, how aware are they that this word has a power and affects our society? The most vital catalyst is whether a teacher realizes the aspect of his/her power of influence over students’ minds, while teachers are one of the most influential people in our society. A prominent American education reformer of 19th century Horace Mann once said that education is the “balance-wheel of the social machinery”.  I, as an educator, was very influenced by his views on education and I strongly believe that education is the most influential source of forming people’s mind. Only through education we can produce a society of healthy moral and ethical principles.

Being a teacher is like being a conductor. One day he conducts the orchestra which just gathered to rehearse and doesn’t have its own coordinated idea, another day he is not only a conductor, but he is a leader of a solid group of students, which is ready to digest new information, new ideas and rehearse it in their realm.

If you proclaimed yourself a teacher, you are a teacher forever, in every word, gesture or act. You are a living example, a role model for every child in your class. Teachers should remember that it is not enough just to talk about what is good or bad; they themselves should put their ideas into an action. I was very influenced by philosophy of education of an English philosopher of 17th century John Locke, who was a humanist in every aspect of his educational approach. He emphasizes that a guiding principle of a teacher should be his common sense. Teachers should admit that every human being is eligible for mistakes. You do not have to expect from your children to be perfect naturally, but you, as a role model, should be a guiding principal of their moral norms and their behavior. Do not force your students not to be the way they naturally are, but encourage them, - be a virtuous example for them till the rest of their lives.

In a sense, student is a reflection of his teacher and I strongly believe that a teacher is a projection of the character and image of his student who is yet to become an adult. That is why image, aesthetics, morality, skills and professionalism of the teacher are very important for formation of every child’s personality. I am very aspired to be a teacher. My goals as a teacher are to build my students’ personalities to be morally sound, dynamic and socially adapted to the modern world.

Planning every day in my classroom, I will try to organize my instructions in such format, which will motivate my students’ desire and encourage their curiosity to discover and apprehend new information. To promote their motivation, I will base new information on already familiar material in order not to overwhelm them, but on the contrary to stimulate them by giving them realistic and achievable goals, which are yet challenging. By reaching those goals, my students will feel themselves encouraged by their accomplishments and will be ready to move forward.  I strongly believe, that curriculum should be constructed the way where the educational bar is high, but the steps of achieving it would be executable for every child.

Knowledge is not absorbed at final stage of an educational process. Knowledge is a nonstop continuous process of acquiring and analyzing information, which is a reflection of every student’s “I”.  My objective as a teacher is to determine a goal of every child in the light of values, which are commonly desired by everyone in the society. As John Dewey wrote in his book Moral Principles in Education ”The moral responsibility of the school and of those who conduct it is to society”. (John Dewey, 1909) In my belief, significant part of our present educational principles fail today, is because the schooling system neglects to embrace the community-type of environment to be promoted in our schools. It portrays the school as an institution where students attend to gain a particular knowledge of the lesson learned in a place where this information has been transmitted to the students. Consequently, such non-value added experience for a student has a chance of not becoming a life experience long-term, and such experience may not be identified or classified as ‘educative’. This principle not only reinforces Dewey’s view of education and learning as intangibly valuable activities, but also emphasizes Dewey’s view of the critical importance of school lessons correlating with the values and skills of the “real world”. Education itself is not only a value and our treasury, but also an instrument of the development and formation of student’s moral principles, which they will directly contribute in our society. I see my lectures as an instrument to help my student to gain an essential life experience, which will form my student’s ideology and personality. I will definitely find time to take my students to the museums and exhibitions which, depending of our needs and goals, will form and develop not only their sense of aesthetics and beauty, but also give them more broad and practical knowledge. I will try to implement into my class curriculum the use of the modern technology, which will demonstrate to my students the importance of technological literacy as one of the key factor of being a socially adapted.

 Informational progress and stream of information we observe today is almost insurmountable to a child, whose mind needs to be filled with content and meaning. It causes an extremely challenging problem. Students start to absorb all information surrounding them– both positive and negative contented. My goal as a teacher is to install the skills and desire of accepting and apprehending only such information that forms my student’s moral and civilized personality.

 One of the most crucial skills in today’s constantly changing environment - is time management. I am really inspired by the Horace Mann words, who once said - “Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered, for they are gone forever”. Time is all you have and if you master your time, you will master your life. My goal, as a teacher, is to form my student’s point of awareness of how efficiently use the time for achieving their goals and successes.

Being a teacher is a hard and profound dedication. You should always remember that you are a role model to your students. The pleasure of seeing your students becoming progressive members of our community, socially adapted and successful personalities gives you inspiration of a lifetime achievement and energy to move forward.

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